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Getting to Know Walkers & Rollators

Find the Best Mobility Device for You.

With an extensive offering of rollators and walkers to fit any need, Alaskare Home Medical Equipment has the solution you’ve been waiting for to reclaim your mobility and independence! Whether you need assistance getting around your home or going out on the town, these high-performance, low-maintenance mobility aids are the affordable answers to getting where you need to go.

Walkers and rollators can tremendously improve your life. Conventional walkers feature a four-legged frame that allows users to lean for balance, support, and rest. Rollators, on the other hand, feature wheels and a seat, and are suited for a more mobile lifestyle. Both devices can provide an incredible level of aid and support to anyone who wishes to remain active and independent.

It’s time to start moving again! Browse our selection of walkers and rollators today. Contact us online or give us a call at (907) 260-4433 with any questions you may have.

Why Buy a Walker?

There are many uses for walkers. Whether you're suffering from shortness of breath, have a fear of falling, or struggle with mobility, walkers are a convenient, lightweight option. Walkers offer true stability, with four solid legs, you can comfortably lean on your walker with each step. Walkers are ideal for short distances and transferring to a seat, as they need to be picked up and set down with each step.

Why Buy a Rollator?

Sometimes called “wheeled walkers”, these devices consist of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars and a built-in seat. Suited for users who may need to rest often, the seat and crossbar provide back support whenever break is needed. Rollators are ready for long days as well as outdoor use.

Choose from lightweight units and folding rollators that collapse into a manageable size so you can bring it anywhere, and if you plan on being outside often, there are also outdoor models with wheels and grips suited for the elements.

3-Wheeled Rollator vs. 4-Wheeled Rollator

3-wheeled rollator

3-Wheeled Rollator

3-Wheeled Rollators benefit from their unique tricycle-like shape to offer true ease-of-use. You’ll enjoy tight maneuvering, especially helpful when navigating narrow halls or doorways. Plus, their lightweight, easy-fold design allows them to be easily picked up and transported when on-the-go.

4-wheeled rollator

4-Wheeled Rollator

An all-around terrific choice for users seeking a mobility aid. Four-wheeled design provides stronger stability and increased features, making it an incredibly versatile option. Advanced wheel-lock mechanisms combine with many available seating preferences to make it a comfortable choice when not on the move. With many adjustable options, this is the perfect rollator to customize to your unique needs.

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